Our Partners

In no particular order.

  1. Aramex. Delivery unlimited. Owner of the Postnet group.
  2. Enduren. Natural endurance nutrition.
  3. Squirt. Long lasting dry lube and some handy bum cream
  4. Activexpress. Wellness and rewards.
  5. Courtney Capital. Private Wealth. Stockbrokers. Portfolio Managers.
  6. Tradingideas. Investing made easy. Money matters.
  7. Stellenbrau. Craft beer. Alumni Ale. Craven Craft. Jonkers Weiss. Governor’s Red.
  8. Eikestadnuus. Part of the Media 24 group.
  9. Bicycle Cities. Aims to increase the number of active cyclists.
  10. Wesgro. Western Cape tourism, trade and investment.
  11. Sluk jou woorde. Woordfees wyn.
  12. Agua-e-vida. Real water for life.
  13. Webandmore. We create websites that work.
  14. Move My Bicycle. Bicycle transport.
  15. Upstart Planning. Startup Planning.
  16. Eavesdrop communication & guerilla marketing.
  17. PlanetUs. High tech bike tracking.
  18. LJ Vintners. Small fine wine producer.
  19. Engena. Mobile platform for land access permits.
  20. Buttanut. Tree nut spread – simple, healthy and totally delicious.
  21. Racepace. Custom made kits – cycling, running, triathlon.

Want to work with us?

New partners are being added continuously. Contact us to get involved.