It is important for you to understand and observe the rules and regulations of the Tour. By entering the Tour de Boland or any of its related events you confirm that you understand the rules and will abide by them.

  1. Open roads. The road is open for normal traffic.
  2. Please obey all traffic rules, officials, marshals and medics.
  3. Medical assistance will be available at specific checkpoints and en route.
  4. Mechanical assistance can be provided by the ride captains.
  5. The route might not be marked, or the markings may have been removed.
  6. Ensure that you are familiar with the information and maps provided.
  7. You should not deviate from the official route.
  8. Keep it clean. We are proudly South African. We don’t litter.
  9. If you have a support vehicle, ensure the driver adheres to the route & rules.
  10. You will receive bike tags at registration. Fasten them to your seat post.
  11. Don’t swap your tag with someone else and display them at all times.
  12. No helmet, no ride. Helmets should be worn for the duration of the event. It is law.
  13. Be on time. The event will not be delayed if you fail to show up on time.
  14. If you are requested to take a ride in the sweep vehicle you must comply PLEASE!
  15. Don’t pass the lead vehicle unless directed by the police or a marshal.
  16. Be courteous. Adhere to peloton etiquette and don’t endanger anyone.
  17. Wear your identification numbers at all times whilst riding the Tour – both on your person and on your bicycle.
  18. You are responsible for ensuring your safety, on and off the bicycle.
  19. You must ensure your bike is in safe working order during the whole event.
  20. Don’t use your phone, earphones, ipod or listen to music while cycling.
  21. Be prepared. The Tour will take place regardless of bad weather.
  22. It will only be cancelled, re-routed or stopped for reasons of safety and fees will be refunded.